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conviction, gave it. However■, without reckoning the


ergy, the po


members of t■he clergy who, like the prim●ate, wanted no pope, there were many bish■ops who, at heart, were not sorry to be lib●e


rated from the perpetual en●croachments of the Roman court. =●RESISTANCE AGAINST INVASION.= ● A rumor from the continent suddenly disquiete?/p>


馾 the king among all his easy triumphs; a m●ore formidable enemy than those monks and bi■shops was rising against him. It w


as report●ed that the emperor was not only rec■ruiting soldiers in Flanders, but● was forwarding considerable num■bers from Bohemia, Germany, ●Italy, and Spain for the invasion of● England.[41] Francis I. could not perm■it this kingdom


, so close to his■ own, to be occupied by the armies of● Charles V. his constant enemy; he determined th■erefore


to have an interview with Henry, and to■ that intent sent over the Seigneur D●e la Guiche, his chamberla


in and counsellor.[42]● Henry replied that it would be ●difficult to leave England just at a time whe■n pope and


emperor spoke of invading him; ●the more so as he must leave his '■most dearly beloved queen' (Anne Boley●n) and


his young daughter, the Princess■ Elizabeth; as well as another daug■hter and her mother

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terminated his long e■ndurance: Clement VII. had declared war agains■t him and Henry VIII. a

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ccepted it. A man, ■though he be ordinarily the slave of ■his passions, has